天囷一 (α Cet / 鯨魚座α)鯨魚座的一顆恆星,通常俗名Menkar,或Menkar,Menkab。(所有稱呼:Menkar, Menkab, Mekab, Monkar, Al Minhar, 92 Ceti, HR 911, BD +03°419,HD 18884, SAO 110920, FK5 107, HIP14135)


其名Menkar派生於阿拉伯語منخر manħar ,意為「(鯨魚的)鼻孔」。


Fixed star:  MENKAR 
Constellation: Alpha (α) Cetus
Longitude 1900:  12TAU55 Longitude 2000: 14TAU19
Declination 1900: +03.42' Declination 2000: +04.04'
Right ascension: 03h02m Latitude: -12.35'
Spectral class:  M2 Magnitude:  2.8

The history of the star: Menkar

from p.162 of Star Names, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889.
[A scanned copy can be viewed on this webpage]

出處:由 Richard Hinckley Allen(理查.漢克利.艾倫)1889年著作「恆星名稱」的第162頁


Alpha (α) CetusMenkar, is a bright orange star in the open jaw of the Whale, or Sea Monster.


Menkar of the Alfonsine Tables of 1521, the 16th century French scholar Scaliger's Monkar, and now sometimes Menkab, from Al Minhar (Minħar), the Nose, still is the popular, but inappropriate name, for it marks the Monster's open jaws. It is the prominent star in the northeastern part of the constellation, and culminates on the 21st of December.

「Menkar天囷一」依據16世紀(1521年)有位法國學者的「Alfonsine表」國學者稱為Monkar,而現在有時被稱為Menkab(由AI Minhar(Minħar)起頭→我猜測是人名)鼻子的意思,這樣的說法仍然是受歡迎的但基本上不是太恰當的名字,因為從上圖可以看出它被標誌在怪物的張口下頜。它是一顆有名的恆星,位東北部的星座(星團),在12月21日可達到最高

Al Kaff al Jidhmah, found on the Borgian globe, is the 15th century Tartar astronomer Ulug Beg's and Al Tizini's
 (Arabian astronomer, first half of 16th century) designation for it, taken from that for all the stars in the head; but modern lists apply this solely to gamma (γ Kaffaljidhma).

Al Kaff al Jidhmah 在Borgian Globe 發現它(電子生化球???),而由15世紀的韃靼天文學家 Ulug Beg's 跟 Al Tizini (阿拉伯天文學家,16世紀上半年) 命名,並指定在頭部的所有星星,但於現代僅認同gamma (γ Kaffaljidhma).

In astrological days it portended danger from great beasts, disgrace, ill fortune, and illness to those born under its influence.


In China alpha (α Menkar,), gamma (γ Kaffaljidhma), delta (δ), lambda (λ), nu (ν), omega (ω), zeta (ζ Baton Kaitos)1, and zeta (ζ)2 were Tseen Kwan, Heaven's Round Granary. [Star NamesTheir Lore and Meaning, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889].

中國阿爾法(αMenkar),伽瑪(γKaffaljidhma),δ(δ,λλ),怒江ν),歐米茄(ω),ζ(ζ街渡)1,和Zeta(ζ)2 Tseen圓形糧倉。[恆星名字,他們的傳說與意義,理查德欣克利阿倫,1889]

The astrological influences of the constellation Cetus

Legend: Cetus represents the sea monster or whale sent by Neptune to devour Andromeda (see Andromeda). [Robson*, p.38.]

傳說:海王Neptune(奈普頓) 派 塞特斯(Cetus→指海怪或鯨魚)去吞噬仙女座(見仙女座)。 [羅布森*,第38頁。]

Influences: According to Ptolemy this constellation is like Saturn. It is said to cause laziness and idleness, but to confer an emotional and charitable nature, with the ability to command, especially in war. Makes one amiable, prudent, happy by sea and land, and helps to recover lost goods. [Robson*, p.38.]

影響:根據這個星座托勒密就像土星(限制、不擴張)。據說這是因為會造成懶惰和無所事事(懶惰; 閒散; 安逸),被賦與情感和慈善本質,也具有指揮能力特別是在戰爭時令人和譪可親,謹慎,在海邊及陸地時會快樂,並助於重新找回失去物品。 [羅布森*,第38頁。]

The astrological influences of the constellation Cetus given by Manilius: (還未檢視此段譯文)

"As the last portion of the Fishes (Pisces) rises, appears the constellation of the Whale, pursuing Andromeda in heaven as on the sea. This monster enlists its sons [those influenced astrologically by Cetus] in an onslaught on the deep and a butchery of scaly creatures; theirs will be a passion for ensnaring the deep with nets spread wide and for straitening the sea with bonds; they will confine in spacious prisons seals which deem themselves as safe as in the open sea and shackle them fast in fetters; the unwary tunny they will draw along in a network of meshes. Their capture is not the end, the fish struggle against their bonds, meet a new assault, and suffer death by the knife, and the sea is dyed, mixed with blood of its own. Furthermore, when the victims lie dead along the shore, a second slaughter is perpetrated on the first; the fish are torn into pieces, and a single body is divided to serve separate ends. One part is better if its juices [sauce] are given up, another if they are retained. In the one case a valuable fluid is discharged, which yields the choicest part of the blood, flavored with salt, it imparts a relish to the palate. In the other case all the pieces of the decaying carcass are blended together and merge their shapes until every distinguishing feature has been lost, they provide food with a condiment of general use. Or when, presenting the very likeness of the dark-hued sea, a shoal of the scaly creatures has come to a stop and cannot move for their numbers, they are surrounded and drawn from the water by a huge drag-net, and fill large tanks and wine-vats, their common endowment of liquid is exuded upon each other, for their inward parts melt and issue forth as a stream of decomposition.

“為最後部分的魚(雙魚座)上升,出現的鯨魚星座,追求在天上的仙女在海面上。這個怪物徵集其兒子 [占星學的影響,由鯨魚座]在進攻上深和屠殺對有鱗的動物,他們將是一個激情誤傷深用網傳播廣泛和矯直海洋與債券,他們將只在寬敞監獄海豹認為自己是安全的,因為在公海上和扼殺他們快速束縛;的粗心的金槍魚,他們將以此沿著一個網絡的網格。他們被捕是不是結束,魚鬥爭的債券,滿足新的襲擊,遭受死亡的刀,和大海染成,混合自己的血。此外,當受害者死亡謊言沿著海岸,第二殺戮犯下第一;魚撕成了碎片,以及一個單一的機構劃分為不同的目的服務。一部分是更好,如果它的汁液[醬]是放棄,另外,如果他們被保留。在一個案件是一個寶貴的液體排出,這將產生上等的部分血液,調味鹽,它予人津津樂道的口味。在其他情況下,所有的作品的衰減胴體相互融合在一起,合併他們的形狀,直到每一個顯著特徵已經喪失,他們提供食物和調味品的一般使用。或者當,呈現非常相似的暗色調海,一灘的鱗片狀的生物已經到了停止並不能動他們的數字,它們的周圍,並引起了水的巨大阻力網,並填寫大型儲罐與美酒的大桶,他們共同捐贈的液體滲出後,對方,對他們裡面融化和問題作為流出來的分解。 

"Moreover, such men [those astrologically influenced by Cetus] will be able to fill great salt-pans, to evaporate the sea, and to extract the sea's venom [salt], they prepare a wide expanse of hardened ground and surround it with firm walls, next conduct therein waters channeled from the nearby sea and then deny them exit by closing sluice-gates, so the floor holds in the waves and begins to glisten as the water is drained off by the sun. When the sea's dry element has collected, Ocean's white locks (salt) are shorn for use at table, and huge mounds are made of the solid foam; and the poison of the deep, which prevents the use of sea-water, vitiating it with a  taste, they commute to life-giving salt and render a source of health." [Manilius,Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.353, 355.]

“此外,這種人[那些占星學的影響鯨魚]將能填補巨大鹽鍋,蒸發海,並提取海洋的毒液[鹽],他們準備一個寬闊的硬化地面和環繞它與公司牆壁,旁邊的行為其中水域渠道從附近的大海,然後拒絕它們退出,關閉水閘閘,所以地板持有的浪潮,並開始發亮,當水被排出關閉的太陽。時候,大海的幹式濾芯已收集海洋的白髮(鹽)的剪毛使用在桌上,和巨大的土堆是由固體泡沫,以及毒害深,從而防止了利用海水,從而不能實現它與一種味道,他們上下班的生活給惠鹽和呈現健康的來源。“ [Manilius,天文學,公元1世紀,第5冊,p.353,355。]

The astrological influences of the star Menkar

According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn; to Simmonite, of Mars; and, to Alvidas, of Venus and the Moon. It causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune. [Robson*, p.176.]

依據托勒密法則,它是具有土星的性質;對Simmonite(Vera猜是姓氏),它是具有火星的性質,以及對Alvidas(Vera猜是姓氏),它像是金星和月亮的性質。它會導致疾病,恥辱,破產,野獸傷害,疾病,損失的財富。 [羅布森 *,第176頁。] 

This star has a Saturnine character, corresponding to impediments of many kinds, worries and tests of endurance. Unjustified enmities, hardening and toughening these people in some ways. In some cases with conjunction of Saturn, Mars or Neptune, diseases of the throat, inflammation of larynx, sometimes danger by suffocation have been noted. These people are advised to take good care of themselves if they have a tendency to throat trouble and to take prophylactic measures. They should avoid overstraining their larynx and should they have special demands regarding the larynx, they are advised to take trouble in the methodical training of their vocal chords etc. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.37.]

這個恆星具有憂鬱性格,對應多種障礙,擔憂和考驗耐力。不合理的敵意,強韌化這些人在某些方面。在某些情況下,若刑、沖土星,火星或海王星,易有咽喉部位(上顎部、 聲帶)方面的疾病,喉部發炎(上顎部),有時窒息的危險。這些人應要好好照顧自己,如果他們有一種喉嚨麻煩困擾的傾向,並採取預防性措施。他們應避免過度使用他們的喉,若他們有特別的需要得要使用咽喉部位(上顎部、 聲帶),他們應採取多費心並有條不紊的方式訓練他們的聲帶等[恆星以及它們的解釋 Elsbeth Ebertin,1928年,第37頁。] 

If Rising: Legacies and inheritances attended by much evil. [Robson*, p.176.]

在上升:用邪惡、非法取得遺產和繼承。 [羅布森 *,第176頁。] 

If culminating: Disgrace, danger from cattle and large beasts. [Robson*, p.176.]

在天頂:恥辱,危險來自牛和大野獸。 [羅布森 *,第176頁。] 

With Sun: Great trouble, sickness, throat ailments, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil, loss of money, failure of crops. [Robson*, p.176.]

伴隨著太陽:很大的麻煩,疾病,咽喉疾病,用邪惡、非法取得遺產和繼承,金錢損失,破壞莊稼(農作物)。 [羅布森 *,第176頁。] 

With Moon: Mental anxiety, hatred of the vulgar, ill-will of women, danger from thieves, sickness to native and family, loss of marriage partner or near relative, quarrels, legal losses, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil. [Robson*, p.176.]

伴隨著月亮:精神焦慮,庶民(平民)的憎恨、敵意【我清測來自於卜卦占星學中,月亮代表群眾,故我譯為庶民/民眾the vulgar】,虐待婦女的意志,盜賊的危險,疾病到本人和家庭,失去伴侶或近親,爭吵,法律損失,用邪惡手法得遺產和繼承。 [羅布森 *,第176頁。] 

With Mercury: Difficulties through writings, difficulty in payment of mortgages, ill-health to marriage partner or relative, destruction of crops. [Robson*, p.176.]

伴隨著水星:寫作能力差,難以支付抵押貸款,不健康的婚姻伴侶或親戚,農作物毀壞。[羅布森 *,第176頁。] 

With Venus: Strong and uncontrolled passions, jealousy, domestic disharmony and temporary separation, ill-health of marriage partner. [Robson*, p.176.]

伴隨著金星:強烈和無法控制(失控)的激情,嫉妒,家庭不和及暫時分離,不健康的婚姻伴侶。 [羅布森 *,第176頁。] 

With Mars: Evil associates, immoral, violent, murderous, violent death. [Robson*, p.176.]

伴隨著火星:邪惡聯繫的,不道德的,暴力,血腥,暴力致死。 [羅布森 *,第176頁。] 

With Jupiter: Deceitful, dishonest, wandering life, imprisonment, banishment, or judicial sentence. [Robson*, p.176.]

伴隨著木星:騙人的,不誠實的,流浪的生活,監禁,流放,或司法判決。 [羅布森 *,第176頁。] 

With Saturn: Self-seeking, selfish, causes unhappiness to others, much sickness. [Robson*, p.177.]

伴隨著土星:自利,自私,對他人造成不快,經常生病(或是嚴重生病???)。 [羅布森 *,第177頁。] 

With Uranus: Active mind, artistic, scientific and mystical interest and ability, troubles through opposite sex, loss through fire and false friends, good fortune and misfortune alternately, severe injuries from animals. [Robson*, p.177.]

伴隨著天王星:積極的心態,藝術,科學和神秘主義的興趣和能力,與異性相關的麻煩,與火或是損友帶來的損失,好運和不幸交替,被動物嚴重傷害。 [羅布森 *,第177頁。] 

With Neptune: Peculiar early life, loss of or separation from parents abroad, may lose identity and be brought up by foreigners in dishonor, learns of parentage too late in life to obtain advantage, brave, organizing ability, high position, wasted talents, many journeys, violent death frequently by assassination. [Robson*, p.177.]

伴隨著海王星:奇特的早年生活,失去或與父母分離,可能會失去身份,並被非本國人以不名譽(方式)撫養(帶大)長大,父母也得知了晚年才取得優勢,勇敢,組織能力,地位,浪費人才,許多旅程中,經常被暗殺暴力死亡。 [羅布森 *,第177頁。]


*[Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923].




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